For an individual receiving training in the field of esthetics in the apprenticeship program is 350 hours of training. The curriculum listed below is the minimum hours of theory and minimum number of practical operations for an esthetician.


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A student who enrolls in a course of esthetics must complete a curriculum that consists of at least 350 hours of theoretical and practical training. A school shall teach a minimum of 40 hours of theoretical instruction, including five hours in state law and the following minimum number of practical operations during the 350 hours of training.

  • 60 hrs. Manual, including skin analysis, cleansing, manipulations, packs, and masks.
  • 40 hrs. Electrical, including the use of modalities and electrical apparatus, including dermal lights for facials and skin care purposes.
  • 50 hrs. Eyebrow arching and hair removal, including the use of wax, manual or electrical tweezers and depilatories for the removal of superfluous hair.
  • 50 hrs. makeup, including skin analysis, complete and corrective makeup, and the application of false eye lashes.